The Omaha Mini Maker Faire 2015 Call for Makers is NOW OPEN

2015 Omaha Mini Maker Faire Call for Makers Now Open

Call for makers begins March 30th and closes June 30th

(OMAHA, Neb.) – March 30, 2015 – Omaha Children’s Museum (500 S. 20th St) in partnership with Omaha Maker Group, hosts the second annual Omaha Mini MakerFaire on Saturday, September 19 at Omaha Children’s Museum.

Omaha Mini Maker Faire is looking for a wide variety of diverse and out-of-the-box ideas that highlight the tinkerer spirit. If you are passionate about making creations in the areas of technology, art, craft, performance, or things for yourself, register to be part of the Omaha Mini Maker Faire! Registration opens March 30 and closes on June 30.

Omaha Mini Maker Faire displays interactive exhibits that highlight the process of making things. The faire is an event to bring makers, artisans, tinkerers, craftsmen, inventors, performers, hackers and do-it-yourselfers together.

“The Omaha Mini Maker Faire is the perfect venue to showcase your creations and inspire your neighbors to make something of their own,” says Eric Kaplan, executive producer of the event. “It’s a great place to network with other makers and collaborate on your next project!”

If you’re interested in being a maker at the second annual Omaha Mini Maker Faire held in September, or know someone who is, please apply today at the link below:


To learn more about the second annual Omaha Mini Maker Faire, visit

Omaha Mini Maker Faire is an offshoot of the Maker Faire created in the San Francisco Bay area, which draws over 100,000 annually from all around the world for “The Greatest Show and Tell on Earth!” The Omaha Mini Maker Faire is independently produced by Omaha Children’s Museum and Omaha Maker Group, with support from the University of Nebraska, Omaha, and in collaboration with Maker Media.



About Omaha Children’s Museum
Since its inception in 1976, Omaha Children’s Museum has been a special place where children can challenge themselves, discover how the world works and learn through play. The mission of Omaha Children’s Museum is to engage the imagination and create excitement about learning. The museum’s permanent exhibits include Charlie Campbell Science & Technology Center, Creative Arts Center including the Karen Levin Artist-in-Residence Studio and Imagination Playground. In addition to its permanent exhibits, Omaha Children’s Museum offers educational programs, traveling exhibitions, field trips, outreach programs, summer camps and early childhood programs.

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About Omaha Maker Group
Since its start in 2010, the Omaha Maker Group has strived to facilitate a place where people can explore Technology, Science and Art. We operate a community workshop in Omaha, Nebraska and have bi-weekly meetings where people can collaborate, share resources, create, and learn together. Named by Make: Magazine as one of the top Makerspaces in the Nation, we ARE Omaha’s hackerspace.

Resources start at 3D printing, laser cutting, CNC machining, and electronics, and grow to include programming, robotics, quadcopters, microprocessors, and more. If you’re an inventor, artist, scientist, student, educator, hacker, maker, hobbyist, or just curious about how things work, you’ve come to the right place.

The 2015 Call For Makers opens in Three Days!



In just THREE days, the 2nd Annual Mini Maker Faire will open it’s 2015 call for makers.   Share what you’ve created with us at the Faire!

The 2015 Call For Makers opens in FIVE days!

countdown_5_2The 2015 Omaha Mini Maker Faire Call For Makers opens up in five days!!! What have YOU been working on?   Show us on September 19th at the Omaha Childrens Museum.





How Do Makers Celebrate Valentines Day?

How do Makers Celebrate Valentine’s Day?
Valentine’s Day provides Makers another chance to exercise their creative talents.  So, when I asked the Omaha Maker Group if they had ideas for Valentines creations, they were happy to oblige.

Kevin suggested using a PDF of your favorite image to create a custom Valentine’s card. The card could be printed on a color laser printer and trimmed up with a paper cutter at your local office supply store’s print department (or your local makery).

Dave suggested a homemade bath supply kit. “Materials to make fizzy bath bombs, scented bubble-bath, lotions, salts, cast soap, and candles can provide a fun afternoon for a maker, and also result in products that can be shared or gifted.”

Kyle suggested a 3D scan of your face that could be used to make molds for candy likenesses. Another Kevin suggested getting some ideas from your sweetheart of things to make for them.

Eric has found that his cats and flowers do not mix, so he whipped up a 3D printing of tulip blossoms. The flowers were a hit and the kitties didn’t make a mess of them!

Stephen has a maker friend that used a music box kit for the song playing mechanism, and then 3D printed a housing and crank to create a one of a kind musical gift. He’s also created some very durable flowers by cutting petals out of sheet steel and welding them to a steel rod.

If you’ve got something creative in the works for Valentine’s day, drop us a line at Happy Valentine’s Day!–Dave


Your attention please!  The date for the 2015 Omaha Mini Maker Faire has been set.  Saturday, September 19, 2015 is the day, and the Omaha Children’s Museum is the place.  Mark it on your calendar, and start planning what YOU can make and share!


The Inaugural 2014 Omaha Mini Maker Faire was a great time for all.

Thank you to all who shared their passion for Making with the Omaha community.  The 2014 Omaha Mini Maker Faire was a great time for all!

Nearly 30 Makers showed up to teach, explain, guide and excite with their their cool, crazy and captivating creativity.  See who all made this event a success on the Maker Roll page, and check out the photos from the day.

A couple of folks from the HackADay web site joined in at the Faire, and they have posted an article about it here: HackADay at the Omaha Mini Maker Faire

We are already thinking about how to make the 2015 Omaha Mini Maker Faire bigger, better and way more exciting.  See you next time.

Omaha Mini Maker Faire is an offshoot of the Maker Faire ( created in the San Francisco Bay area, which draws over 100,000 annually from all around the world for “The Greatest Show and Tell on Earth!