Luck (and Creativity) of the Irish

Luck (and Creativity) of the Irish

The Irish have comprised a major component of Omaha’s immigrant community since coming to the city in large numbers to build the Union Pacific Railroad starting in 1864.

The Irish had a unique way of making traditional crafts and distinctive buildings that told a uniquely Irish story.  Denied the possibility of enhancing their place in society, and deprived of the means to promote and progress their art, the storyteller was held in high esteem by the ordinary Irish who revered and cultivated story and song as their principal means of artistic expression.   

Storytelling and crafts continue to combine the spirit of the old Irish culture with modern tech in community “Do It Yourself” spaces to preserve and invigorate Irish culture.  The dynamic and vibrant Irish maker sector encompasses a range of traditions including textile making and clothing, pottery and ceramics, jewelry, glass, woodworking and furniture; and a gamut of technology including wearables, internet of things (IoT), mobility, robotics, e-commerce, cleantech, apps, hardware and data management, to name just a few.

Calling all traditional Irish basket, drum, textile, pottery, jewelry, glass and woodworking makers.  Calling all Irish tech innovators to the Maker Faire!

We are looking for passionate and creative individuals making great inventions, projects and stuff, to show, tell and teach visitors. If you have a hobby or like making creations in the areas of technology, art, craft, or things for yourself, register to be part of the Omaha Mini Maker Faire at the link.

The Third Omaha Mini Maker Faire will be on Saturday, April 15 hosted at Omaha’s Do Space (7205 Dodge Street, Omaha). Do Space and Metro Community College, in partnership with Omaha Maker Group, are sponsoring this year. Doors open to the public at 9 AM and the Faire runs until 4 PM.

Post by Mary Kelly,