The list of amazing Makers expected to exhibit at the 2017 Omaha Mini Maker Faire continues to grow.  Here are the participants at this time:

TitleDescriptionMakerWeb Link`
The Heartland Organization of RocketryA group of citizen scientist promoting the hobby of rocketry. They will bring examples of rockets made by their members and will explain the construction and regulations of flying High Power Rockets. The Heartland Organization of
Allie Weber, Kid InventorAllie Weber is an 11 year old inventor from South Dakota returning to the Omaha Maker Fair for another year! Allie is the inspiration behind the Robot Girl Lottie Doll, and is the 2017 student ambassador for the Spark Lab Global Invent It Challenge sponsored by the Smithsonian. Allie has won various design and invention competitions and is bringing her latest in her line of 2016 inventions including the Frost Stopper which won the 2016 Global Sparklab Invent It Challenge. . Allie will also introduce you to her YouTube Channel Tech-nic-Allie Speaking where she builds and reviews robot kits and tech toys, and shares some fun build ideas for kids. Allie hopes to inspire a whole new generation of robot builders and makers.

Google Allie Weber Kid inventor to see MUCH more
Voice CommandVoice Command Demo Using Raspberry PiDac
Grand STEM ChallengeA STEM competition to inspire big ideas & big fun! We allow students to design, test, and redesign solutions to real-world problems like real engineers, using K'NEX. There are many different solutions to the problem, but which is the best?Rachel Rust, Sylvan
Automate Your LifeOur lives are more connected than ever, but with each new tool or service, there is one more thing to manage. Fortunately, there are many cheap or free apps and services out there to do the work for you. From closing the garage door when you forget to backing up your Instagram account, just because you have to do something, doesn't mean _you_ have to do it.Bill
Magic SandboxThis magic sandbox is based on an open source design originally conceived by engineering students at UC Davis. The magic sandbox operates by using an Xbox 360 Kinect camera to identify the edges of a box and detect the height of the sand within that defined box. This information is then delivered to a program that communicates with the projector to display color based on sand height creating a topographic map. Additional interactive programs containing "fish" or "rabbits" was also found online open source and adds another element of fun for participants!UNMC
Nebraska 4-H: WearTecDesign and make an e-card using simple supplies. In addition, code wearable components on the LilyPad Development board: code a song, make a flashing light pattern, and explore light and temperature sensors.Nebraska 4-H/
Mackerel Sky, Three Days DryStacey will present Mary King's work for electric toy piano titled "Mackerel Sky, Three Days Dry." Using a 30-key toy piano outfitted with contact microphones and tiny percussion instruments, the piece creates a one-of-a-kind audio space. Exploring the idea of "clouds", the music is presented in four short movements titled "Asperitas", "Altostratus", "Mackerel Sky" and "Cumulonimbus'.Stacey
Ambulance ArteryThis is the final project I am working on for "How to make (almost) anything" class. It will will be a 3d printed ambulance that will be a model of a pop up art shop. It will be on a circuit board chassis that uses a microcontroller that goes around a race track. The body of the ambulance will be 3d printed and will hopefully have some vinyl graphics on the sides. It should incorporate all aspects of the class and should show how useful the class can be for prospective students. Kevin
MantisesThis project is for an eventual art show that uses praying mantises as an alien other. Remnants of their culture have been found including sculptural portraits. The process of making them involves creating 3D files of actual mantises from photographs which are then 3D printed. Reagan
Thor's HammerThink you are worthy? Come try to pick up Thor's hammer. It only weighs about 15 pounds, but considering the scientific processes are being used, it seems impossible to pick up - unless you are worthy. Kids and Adults are all welcome to witness the power of Thor. Nathan Van Zante
Nerf ModdingI enjoy modding Nerf and other brand dart blasters. This involves disassembling blasters and removing locks and making improvements such as adding stronger springs, higher rpm motors, and lithium polymer batteries. Fixing broken blasters with pieces from others is also possible. I sometimes design and use 3D printed parts to improve or fix blaster function or appearance. Occasionally I incorporate aspects from many different blasters and 3D printed parts to create an entirely new design of blaster.

The modifications improve range and velocity. In order to demonstrate the improvements, I have set up a range to compare blaster function. I would also like to describe and explain specific details of mods on any of my blasters.
Mykel Stroh
Fu & CoLaser cut goods and necklaces, as well as made T Shirts with laser cut logo designs. 3-D printed goods are also presented.Frank Fu
Imperial 80th SquadThe Imperial 80th is a part of the Central Garrison of the 501st Legion of Stormtroopers, the premier Imperial Star Wars costuming club. Since 1997, the 501st Legion has spread the magic of the Star Wars genre worldwide through its authentic-looking costumes, and has become the leading force in fan-based charity events. The 501st, also known as “Vader’s Fist,” is truly dedicated to brightening the lives of those less-fortunate.Imperial 80th
Omaha Maker GroupThe Omaha Maker Group exists to facilitate a place where people can explore Technology, Science and Art. We operate a community workshop in Omaha where people can collaborate, share resources, create, and learn together. We are Omaha’s original makerspace.Omaha Maker
MakeShift LincolnMakeShift is a community hub for creation and learning in Lincoln, Nebraska. We are composed of makers from a variety of disciplines who enjoy meeting to share projects, ideas, and knowledge.MakeShift
Aquaponic SystemFish tanks and plant beds share a water supply and it turns out beneficial for each. The ammonia from fish waste is converted organically into nitrate and absorbed as fertilizer for the plants. I plan to embed biotechnology into up and coming architecture!Alyson Ackley
Omaha Girls Who CodeWe are a local chapter of the national Girls Who Code organization -- a non-profit dedicated to closing the gender gap in technology.

Our class worked in HTML, CSS, Python, and JavaScript to build a website dedicated to educating people how to intervene when they see bullying take place.
Girls Who Code / Do Space
MedusaA very expandable and rather large drink mixing and pouring robot.Kevin Berry
Barnes & NobleDemonstration booth of STEM education products/books that are available through Barnes & Noble.Barnes & Noble
Trout Unlimited Fly TyingMembers of Nebraska Trout Unlimited, Chapter #710 will demonstrate the tying of flies for fly fishing.Nebraska Trout Unlimited
Makers Classes at MCCCome see all the things a Maker can make in credit and non-credit classes at Metropolitan Community College.Jamie Bridgham
DIY Holograms Using SmartphonesTurn your smartphone into a hologram in just a few simple steps! The Creative Production Lab from the UNO Criss Library will provide the materials and help you construct your own mini hologram device.University of Nebraska at Omaha
DID Beekeeping How to go about being a beekeeper by building one's own equipment and making crafts from products of the hive.BBE-Tech Apiary Services
Nellie Laurie Arts & CraftsEngage in found and upcycled arts and crafts. Dannielle Swope
Missouri School of BlacksmithingAt the Missouri School of Blacksmithing, we strive to provide excellent instruction in a well-equipped shop.Matthew Burnett
Do Space VolunteersLearn about how you can be a part of the Do Space through Do Space volunteer program.Cherie Geary
White Rose JewelryNecklaces and chokers from upcycled materials.Trinity Freeman
Omaha Biofuels CooperativeMaking biodiesel from used cooking oil! -- live demonstrations throughout the dayScott Williams